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Do you find yourself playing Ocarina of Time and wishing you could be a Gerudo? Do you like their lifestyle, home, or clothing styles? Are you a female? Than this is the community for you.

The purpose of this community is to essentially be Gerudos. That means that only females may join, if you're a male, you must prove yourself to be courteous, thoughtful, and possibly gay. We can discuss anything feminist/ Amazon-ish related. Also, Gerudo icons/graphics/colorbars are quite welcome! Almost anything goes, this is a pretty laid back community.

I've decided that in order to have a friendly and comfortable environment, we should start with a lengthy introduction when we join! That way we'll get to know one another much better. And since I like being bossy and am good at it, here is a questionaire for you to fill out! ~_^ If there are questions you don't want to answer, no pressure. It's just a nice way to know more about each other.

1) Are you indeed female?
2) Lovelife status? Hate guys, or love 'em?
3) What's your dream career?
4) Where's your ideal vacation spot?
5) Fave movie/book/video game character is...?
6) Something completely random about yourself here.
7) What's your fave strong female figure from history?
8) Fave strong fictional female character is...?
9) Do you prefer Ganondorf or Nabooru?

1) No flaming, trolls, etc.
2) If you take someone's icon (that they OFFERED) you must comment/credit/ not hotlink!
3) Please keep things to a minimum of foul language. Nothing that starts with F or N...
4) I know Gerudos don't wear much, but please no pictures of COMPLETE nudity. No bare breasts, please.

Mod = ringwraith10