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I decided to make a questionaire for joining members, so fill it out… - Gerudo Valley

About I decided to make a questionaire for joining members, so fill it out…

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Date:March 25th, 2005 03:59 am (UTC)
1) Are you indeed female? Sure am.

2) Lovelife status? Hate guys, or love 'em? I like guys just fine but am not really interested in a relationship.

3) What's your dream career? An ecologist - protecting/restoring forests and rivers and wildlands, etc.

4) Where's your ideal vacation spot? Great Britian or Greece, probably.

5) Fave movie/book/video game character is...? Hm! Movie and book characters... kind of hard to say, I've read/seen so many it's hard to compare characters. I've played a lot of video games, too, but it's easier to know who you like for some reason. In which case, my favorite characters are probably Aeris Gainsborough (FF7), Heroine (Sword of Mana)... oh, I don't know. Quite a few of those to choose from, too.

6) Something completely random about yourself here: I'm a geek. =P Go figure that one.

7) What's your fave strong female figure from history? Fa Mu Lan, probably... even though not much fact is known about her, she's always fascinated me. Or anyone in the Amazon tribes.

8) Fave strong fictional female character is...? (you have me thinking about mythology) Artemis is also one of my favorite goddesses... I also like the Valkerye, Queen Maeve from Celtic (though she might have real origins), hm.. I like most of the goddesses, whom are all quite strong. ^^

9) Do you prefer Ganondorf or Nabooru? NABOORU!
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Date:March 26th, 2005 03:25 am (UTC)
Aaahhh! I replied to this. See below. vvvvv
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