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Hi, fortress people! - Gerudo Valley

About Hi, fortress people!

Previous Entry Hi, fortress people! Nov. 19th, 2006 @ 08:02 pm
I don't really have anything gerudo-y to post about, but since the comm seems a bit dead, may as well do the questionnaire.

1) Are you indeed female? Indeed, I am.
2) Lovelife status? Hate guys, or love 'em? Love one, married to it, and even have babies with it.
3) What's your dream career? Photographer for the National Geographic
4) Where's your ideal vacation spot? Tuscany, Italy
5) Fave movie/book/video game character is...? Faye Valentine, Gandalf
6) Something completely random about yourself here. I have two feet.
7) What's your fave strong female figure from history? Anne Boleyn
8) Fave strong fictional female character is...? Eowyn
9) Do you prefer Ganondorf or Nabooru? Nabooru
Current Mood: accomplished
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